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Uniworld Profile

Mission Statement

Provide access to high quality, cost effective, internationally accredited health and all other allied medical services including alternate system of medicine emphasizing spiritual and wellbeing combined with tourism and public health services through an honest and credible approach with compassion for global society.

Our Values

Uniworld believes in upholding the mission statement in our professional and personal conduct. These defines our organization culture as:

  • Be honest and truthful
  • Ensure highest level of transparency
  • Feel empathy for human suffering and strive to its elimination
  • Promote emotional intelligence
  • Ensure personal and professional growth of all employees
  • Comply highest moral, ethical and professional codes of conduct in all business and allied endeavors

Our Objectives

At Uniworld, our primary task is to simplify life by providing stress free access to high quality health care and wellness services in India to patients from all parts of the world. Complementing our efforts in medical tourism, we shall also explore projects and assignments in public health to further buttress our efforts to simplify life by ensuring a healthy population. In our endeavor to achieve this we shall pursue the following objectives:

  • To set a precedence of highest moral and ethical standards in the medical tourism industry
  • To bringing prestige to India’s renowned medical care
  • To facilitate transparent interactions between the patient and the service provider
  • To establish unambiguous agreements with the patient and the service providers ensuring mutual benefits
  • To develop long term relationships, based on trust, with the patients and service providers in India transcending beyond agreements
  • To contribute to the growth of medical tourism, tourism and wellness industry in India
  • To undertake high impact projects in public health to attain highest health and wellness standards for the vulnerable population in India – our way of giving back to the society.

Services of Uniworld

In our experience we notice that human beings are expressing ever greater expectations from hospitals and health care providers. The basis of our service is application of principles of medical science focused to the benefit of patients, means patient centric approach. All our services and activities are centered around benefits and wellness of the patient as well as members of our society. No doubt that medical world is so vast and many of the services and facilities available are not known to a major section of the society. This leads to mistrust and lack of confidence.

Uniworld works as an interface between patient and providers on one side and community and government on the other side for public health initiatives. Uniworld strictly believes in:

  • Appropriate case assessment with qualified and experienced professionals
  • Correct diagnosis with most modern techniques and equipments
  • Special care for distinguished patients in need to special assistance
  • Execution of evidence based, value added state of the art treatment
  • Proper follow up along with efficient motivation for compliance and return back to normal life.

Uniworld believes that patients recover quickly and with much higher success rate when they incorporate practices that enhance physical, mental and emotional well being. Therefore Uniworld will provide advantage of leisure trips to the patients.

The moment a patient contacts us and convey medical needs, Uniworld become the custodian of their problem and will guide, liaise and coordinate all needs of the patients. Uniworld serves as a conduit of information between patient and hospital and work with the patient to determine the best facilities required by them. Uniworld will provide opportunities to patients to speak with doctors, hospitals and other service providers but need not worry about all the mundane tasks which need to be performed prior to the departure since they become part of the Uniworld family.