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Rejuvination and Spa

In the modern world, most of us are excessively exposed to pollution and lead a very stressful life; meeting deadlines, completing tasks on time, managing work as well as home etc. Human body takes the brunt of it and shows the signs sooner or later. If body is tired, then the efficiency it brings about in our life reduces drastically. Therefore the importance of rejuvenation and spa therapies are attaining more popularity among common people.

In Ayurveda there are different techniques for rejuvenating body as well as mind. Among them the most important is Rasayana Therapy. It is a unique therapy in the science of Ayurveda. It keeps the body young and agile. Rasayana or rejuvenation therapy helps to promote and preserve health and longevity in the healthy, and to cure diseases among sick. The therapy enhances one’s energy and is even known to have cured many life style diseases. It also increases the healthy person’s mental and physical capabilities which enable to lead a better quality life.

Rejuvenation therapy is known to have improved skin complexion and texture, modulates the voice and increases sensing capacity of sense organs. They replenish the vital fluid of our body, thus keeping us away from diseases. Rasayana increases the essence of each data, starting with rasa. Taking rasayana is helpful to increase the immunity of the person to keep away from diseases. After Rasayana, the person becomes healthy and strong, both physically and mentally. The rasayana provided during rejuvenation includes very tiny powders of various metals like gold, silver, diamond, ruby and pearl.

There are two major types of Rasayana treatment, one is of short duration (Vatatatapika), the other one is of longer duration (Kuti praveshika). The short duration treatment is normally given to patient with short time or cannot undergo a full length of treatment for some reasons. The patient is allowed to continue normal routine life along with specially chosen medicines suiting the body nature. In the second category, patient is taken to a specially designed hut(kuti) and is kept away from the normal routine life under the supervision of a specialist. In this case, patients are provided specially cooked food. In this process all the old body tissues are replaced by new an energetic and lively tissue which helps to lead a new reinvigorated life. Once comes out of the hut, after the full course of therapy body and mind will be completely rejuvenated and will b ready for a reinforced life.

Rejuvenation therapy works on the principle of cell potential. Cell potential is the voltage difference between the interior and exterior of a cell. For a healthy cell, its potential should be between 70 mV to 90 mV(micro volt). Once it fall below 70mV, nutrient, oxygen, and H2O(water) cannot get in; waste and carbon dioxide cannot get out; and too much sodium and hydrogen stay inside the cell and becomes an unhealthy cell. The lower is the cell potential, the worse. Cell potential of an aged cell is around 50 mV and a cancer cell is only 15 mV.

Rejuvenation therapy works to maintain the cell potential at 70 – 90 mV. Such, nutrient, oxygen, and water can get in and waste and carbon dioxide can get out to make the cells healthy.

Benefits Rejuvenation therapy

1. Helps to detoxify the toxic chemicals a patient unintentionally eat, drink and inhale daily so they can fast restore their body pH and other nutritional balance.
2. Helps to relax so reduce stress and improve sleeping quality.
3. Since this therapy detoxify the toxic chemicals and relax bodies, one feels and look younger, lose weight, function at a higher level, and improve the quality of lives.
4. Helps body neutralize the free radicals (positive ions). As a result, cells are revitalized, and immunity is strengthened.
5. Helps to rejuvenate cells so they can fast recover from physical exhaustion or fatigue and pain.


The term spa is associated with water treatment which is also known as balneo therapy. A day spa provides a variety of services for the purpose of improving health, beauty and relaxation through personal care treatments such as massages and facials. It is different from a beauty parlor in that it contains facilities like sauna, pool, steam room and whirlpool that one may use in addition to the treatment. In contrast, a destination spa offers similar services integrated into packages which include diet, exercise programs, instruction on wellness, life coaching, yoga and accommodation where one resides for the duration of stay.

In India, spa operates under the full-time, on-site supervision of a licensed health care professional whose primary purpose is to provide comprehensive medical and wellness care in an environment that integrates spa services, as well as traditional, or alternative therapies and treatments. The spa services offered in India include both aesthetic/cosmetic and preventive/wellness procedures and services. Indian spas typically use balneotherapy, and a variety of peloids.

Uniworld is associated with best professional corporate institutions providing rejuvenation therapy and spa. Based on the needs of each of our guests, Uniworld will develop special packages in best prices and arranges tourist or medical visa depending on the duration nod stay.