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Welcome to Uniworld!

On behalf of Uniworld family, 1.2 billion hearts warmly welcomes you to India, where you can experience the warmth, affection and hospitality of Indians. Uniworld is an upcoming organization and showcases uniqueness in all fronts of its professional activities. The origin of Uniworld is unique wherein highly experienced medicos, public health and destination managers came together to offer high quality health care at affordable price to global citizens.

India had emerged as a booming economy with onset of world class advanced systems in all sectors, especially communication, aviation, healthcare and so on. This started with telecommunication revolution and spread to technological advancement in all sectors including healthcare. India has a vast pool of trained and skilled workforce capable of handling English which is an added advantage compared with many non English speaking nations. With the mix of advancement in technology and highly trained health professionals, India has a lot of potential which was minimally tapped all these years.

India is also blessed with best and oldest alternate systems of medicines in the world with practically no side effects or reactions. These traditional systems have been marginalized with the advancement in other systems of medicines. Now there is an increasing realisation that these oldest systems offer much more long lasting solutions to the health of a person whether it is treatment or prevention. The practitioners of these systems have also re –designed in such a way that it perfectly suits the modern life style so that anyone can practice them along with busy life schedules.

The trend of going for a treatment when one falls sick is getting altered. Now people have realised the importance of preventing diseases and keeping body wellness. Therefore, the systems like holistic medicine and ayurveda has gained importance. These systems though had huge potential remained untapped and was not marketed to a wider global community. Coupled with this, India has a lot of potential on tourism side as well. With the advancement of transport, infrastructural facilities and high class hospitality sector, world citizens can explore India in an enthusiastic way. We in Uniworld decided to put together all these advantages and handles in a professional way so that anyone wants to experience India can do it without any major hurdles and Uniworld provides all support and assistance.

Uniworld uses various media to reach to global citizens including website, e brochure, word of mouth, country level professional networks and so on. Once an interested person contact us, the panel of in-house doctors analyse the requirement and get back to the person or immediate family members asking them to send more details, past history and recent diagnostic reports. When we receive this information, in-house doctors discuss the issues and identify a suitable hospital and doctor to match the requirement. Further you need to fill up the online registration form.

We will send you the rough estimate of health care, accommodation, travel costs etc on separate heads as per the need of the patient and attendants. Once agreed, the patient need to sign an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) and pay a nominal fee so that we can take up the case further with the hospital and proceed with other formalities including visa formalities. In order to build a rapport with the doctor and patient, we also organize skype meetings.

We do understand the anxiety of getting treated in a new place. In order to overcome this anxiety, we will be in regular touch with you. We ensure utmost care for your pre travel preparation, travel to India and back, high quality treatment, best hospitality and services and personal follow up for the period of at least an year.

Looking forward to simplify your life, while serving you better….
Team Uniworld.