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Why should I consider medical or surgical procedures in India?

India offers world class medical facilities, comparable with any of the western countries. India has state of the art internationally accredited (JCI) or NABH accredited hospitals and the best medical experts. With the best infrastructure, the best possible medical facilities, accompanied with the most competitive prices, you can get the treatment done in India at the lowest charges. The rates of all the major surgeries including the traveling cost and accommodation cost is just 50 percent of the rates in developed nations.

How can I trust the quality of the Indian doctors?

Many of the doctors in India are educated in US and UK. Some have even practiced in the US for years and remain Board Certified in the US. Also, you must be aware that most of the hospitals in US and UK have a major chunk of Indian doctors and now many had returned to India. The associated hospitals of Uniworld has many senior doctors retired from Internationally reputed institutions such as All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

What are the pre requisites for travelling to India for treatment?

If you want to access medical treatment in India, Indian mission in your country will grant you M visa for the patient and Mx visa for up to two attendants who are blood related. This has validity for one year or till the treatment time. It can be extended if the doctor feels that you need to be present in India for some more period of time. India has a liberal medical visa policy. Uniworld will help you in these procedures if you want any special assistance.

How do I decide the treatment needed for my health problems?

Once you send all your medical reports which include history of the problem and your reports, our in house panel of doctors will look into your case and decide which facility suits your need and cost. We will arrange skype meetings with the doctors so that before coming you can have a rapport with the doctor.

How do I know about the cost of the treatment?

Once we decide on the treatment, we will send you an approximate cost and we can always modify it taking care of your budget.

Can I book my own travel arrangements?

As part of our services we are happy to organise your travel and accommodation for you. You are however, free to organise your own arrangements though you will be responsible for ensuring that your travel coincides with medical treatment.

What about the language?

All of the Indian hospitals have fluent English speaking staff. If you are a non English speaking person, we have in house bi lingual translators who will be with you during your trip to India.

Why can't I access these Indian healthcare facilities directly?

You are welcome to do so. However, as you know India is a very large country with large number of super specialty hospitals. You might have difficulty in locating the facility appropriate to your particular health problem within your budget. Imagine trying to make travel, lodging and boarding arrangements, fixing doctor’s appointments, keeping schedules etc. And finally about taking the decision itself all these would not only add to your costs but also to your stress levels and you would agree that this is something you can do without and we will take care of all these mundane tasks.

How can it be safe to travel so far after a surgical procedure?

Your travel plans will be entirely decided by the surgical procedure you select. Many procedures that are non-invasive and will enable you fly out the same day. Once you select a procedure and destination you would be made aware of the recommended recuperation time required before return travel.

What about “after-care”?

Depending on your treatment you will be advised on the “after-care” program. We will suggest you to contact our network hospitals or doctors in your country/city where ever it is available. We will monitor your after care for a maximum period of one year. If there is a need we will also arrange skype meeting and prescribe generic medicines so that you can get the same composition medicines in your country.

What about the confidentiality and privacy of medical forms?

All your medical information is never disclosed to any un authorized party and will be kept highly confidential.

Can someone accompany along with me?

Yes, and it would be encouraging for you to get someone with you during your treatment. We can offer services such as airport pick-ups, nurse/doctor accompanied ambulances, chauffeur driven cars, hotel accommodation that will make your trip as smooth and stress free as possible. Maximum of 2 blood related persons can accompany with you and we will arrange Mx visa for them

How do I make payments for the treatment?

You don't have to pay the whole amount in advance. On registration you will need to pay 10 percent of the total estimate as advance. Subsequently, the balance amount you can pay on your arrival. We accept all international credit/debit cards and have online payment gateway

I understand India is a country with a rich cultural heritage and hence has many places of tourist interest. How will I get help regards to travel arrangements within India?

Certainly, in fact we have programmed tour packages to visit exciting places of tourist interest across India and we shall be offering this as a part of our comprehensive service package. We have tie ups with best operators in India and will ensure cost effective high quality services to you.